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FinExpert Survey 2021: main findings

of businesses do not plan any further investments when it comes to digitizing their processes. They consider the work to be done.

of the accounting firms mention ‘internal challenges’ as the main barriers to further digitize their operations.

of Belgian companies have started their digital journey, with 13% considering themselves “far ahead”.

About Fintech Research

The members of Fintech Research conduct and gather research to shape and inspire Europe’s Fintech industry of tomorrow. A first study has been conducted by Isabel Group and Het CFO Centrum at the end of 2021. Their goal: getting insights into the use of Fintech, the attitude towards it and the expectations of it.

Isabel Group helps your organisation take a step forward by simplifying financial and administrative processes. You’re then free to put your undivided focus on your business challenges. Isabel Group ensures the smooth and secure exchange of documents, payments and identities between all the parties in the financial chain by connecting them with each other. In doing so, we create a flawless flow of information and transactions. The result? You gain new insights and make better decisions.

When you hire someone from our team, you get much more than that person’s skills and experience – you draw on the resources of our entire global CFO Dream Team. There are few business challenges we haven’t already overcome. Do you need specialist skills to start a business in the US or China? We’ve already done that. Do you need to prepare an exit plan for a technology company in Singapore or a manufacturing company in the UK? We have done that many times. Whatever challenges you face, we can draw on our experience to help you realize the most ambitious visions.